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Kids CrossFit classes in Brooklyn, NY

Located at our Sunset Park Location!

At CrossFit Sunset Park we are a team of coaches and athletes with two common goals, fitness and friendship. We are committed to providing you with the very best training in strength and conditioning. In our children’s program the focus is on teaching proper movement and exercise, building strong bones, muscles and character.Confident Kids are Happy Kids! 

Movements such as running, jumping, squatting, pulling ourselves up, picking ourselves up off the floor and handling weighted objects, are natural, and things we should be able to do without injury. Unfortunately for many of us in our society because of life demands we have filled our days with sedentary and minimally active jobs. Our children spend most of their days in school sitting for many hours. Although, of course, education is essential, so is movement. Movement is vital to our healthy existence, proper physical development, and better cognitive ability.

The first class is a FREE trial class!

It is strongly recommended that children attend at least two classes per week as this will enhance their learning experience and create a routine for children to follow. The program for the classes will consist of training specific skills on a weekly basis. The road to Black Belt builds Character and Perseverance


Do small children lift weights?

No. Weighted exercises have not been shown to be beneficial for prepubescent children. However, the children will be learning the techniques behind weight lifting exercises with little weight to develop the skills needed. At this age what is important is that the children engage in regular physical activing that is both fun and improves wellbeing.

What exercises will the children be doing?

The exercises the children will be doing are aimed at teaching proper movement and improving endurance, stamina, cardiovascular capacity, strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning. The majority of exercises involve only body weight. Although they will also learn how to use a pullup bar, rowers, jump-ropes, light wall balls and boxes for jumping on to. Training will consist of teaching fundamental body movements as well as basic gymnastics (pull up, jumps, plyometric exercises, and pushups). All this will provide the children with benefits in daily functioning as well as give them a physical foundation to excel at sports. It will also teach the children that regular physical exercise is something that should be a part of their lives. In addition, the foundational movements the children will learn (pressing overhead, lifts from the floor & squatting) will give them a great foundation for when they are ready to start using weights.

What structure will classes have?

Each class will consist of different activities. Research has shown that physical fitness improves the most when exercises are varied. Each class will begin with a brief explanation of what will take place that day. This will be followed by a coach lead warmup that is specific for the day’s activities. Next the children will be trained in a specific exercise of the week (i.e. squatting). Following the training session there will be a workout that will include and expand on the skills trained that day. Every class will end in a fun game.

What will teens be experiencing in CrossFit classes?

Teenagers will go through the same foundational movement training and gymnastic skills training as the younger children. The classes will however be more structured with longer training components. In addition, when deemed ready, the teens will be introduced to weighted exercises. The strength and gymnastic training will advance for these kids as their skill level advances.

Can anyone teach children CrossFit?

No. To teach CrossFit to anyone of any age, a person must go through a rigorous training program which includes passing a test. Upon successful completion of this program the person becomes a Level 1 – trainer and can serve as a coach in CrossFit classes. To teach children there is an additional training program that is required. Successful completion of this second training program, and passing a government background check, provide the coach with the privilege of teaching children.

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Free Trial Class

    My kids have been there for many years, learning discipline, commitment and the importance of physical activity and fitness. They are demanding of the kids but their expectations teach the children to strive.

    Suzanne Tomato Re